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The Nuti Ivo Group produces cattle hides and sheep and goat skins for leather goods, belts, footwear, clothing, saddlery and furnishings.

As a result of its strong versatility, the Group can produce chrome, vegetable and metal-free tanned skins to meet the most diverse demands of customers. In detail, we use baby calfskin, calfskin, bullhide, culatta, shoulder, butt, steers, heifers, cows, belly, goat, lambskin, hairsheep and split.

All our products are 100% compliant with RSL (restricted substance list) regulations, from the most inexpensive lining to the most costly product.

We also guarantee accurate, strict and direct control over the chemical products used in all the process steps, based on European and global REACH regulations. In addition, we have an internal laboratory recognised at international level.

Our constant research and development of new products means that customers always have a range of items ready to satisfy the latest fashion trends. We are also happy to assist every single customer in the research and development for customised work, adopting the highest level of confidentiality.






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