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Through its constant commitment to research, the Nuti Ivo Group has brought continuous technical and procedural innovation to the tanning world. Also constant is its commitment to upgrading its machines and structures to the latest-generation technology.

Every company undertakes independent research to improve its production and increase synergies with the other group tanneries.

Innovation also advances through an ongoing exchange of know-how among the various group companies operating in different industries, generating continuous improvement and enhancement of the professional skills of each company, something unattainable for those operating individually.

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 Leather ID service


The Nuti Ivo Group presents the traceability system that ensures transparency

Transparency and safety are the key words of the modern processes used for leather production and finishing. In order to ensure compliance with these conditions, Nuti Ivo Group provides its customers with Leather ID, a totallly new technology created by ID Factory (certified by Bureau Veritas). This innovative traceability system makes possible to trace all information pertaining to the leather purchased in real time, such as the order and batch numbers, shipment data, as well as any treatments and tests carried out on the leather. It is thus a sort of ID card for the leather itself: a confirmation of quality that protects both the manufacturer and the
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Metal Free Tennage "Nuti White Leather"


The Nuti Ivo Group is one of the leading experts in the tanning technique commonly known as “Metal Free”

Nuti White Leather tannage is proposed as one of the best metal-free options on the market, with characteristics such as firmness, roundness, tear and pull resistance, very close if not superior to those offered by chrome tannage. This allows the skin to be used in many different product classes: from clothing, to furnishing, and to footwear. To learn about this tanning technique and fully discover its features: 

Production of chemical products for internal use

Production of chemical products for internal use as a result of the major restrictions on dangerous substances and the enormous focus of all large customers on this topic.

In-house production means having total and certain control over the substances used and the ability to guarantee compliance with current regulations.

Life Project

Conceria Nuti Ivo S.p.A. was one of the first tanneries to believe in technological innovation for alternative production processes to reduce pollution.

Over the years it has participated in European-level research projects such as “LIFE”, in partnership with the University of Pisa and ENEA, achieving innovative results.

The traditional tanning process was revised in the light of new chemical industry experience and with the introduction of the latest-generation machinery the sector has to offer. All of this was possible as a result of the decades of experience in the sector that our company can boast, and bringing the skills of our own personnel into close contact with the studies conducted by researchers.

The result is a product that is a combination of tradition and innovation which has yielded excellent results and awakened an interest in the leather goods sector, positioning Nuti Ivo as a leader among global producers.


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